Yee-Haw! Lady Gaga Releases "Country Road" Version of "Born This Way"

Somewhere at a truck stop on the outskirts of Lubbock…

Maybe she was inspired by her friends at The Round-Up in Dallas or her horse-loving fans in Louisville where she made recent pit-stops, but Lady Gaga has released a “Country Road” version of “Born This Way.” It’s more Roadhouse than bluegrass, but the tune does include a Dodge Dakota’s worth of slide guitar, mandolin and harmonica.

There’d better be some pole-grinding on some hay bales to this little number this coming weekend! Listen, y’all!

But Gaga’s not the only diva to bounce back and forth between genres… After the jump, a quickie appreciation course in queens who created muzak on both sides of the fencepost! (Dolly! Tina! Shania! Jewel’s razor ads!)

I’m gonna keep this brief, but well before Gaga was serving up a Pabst-soaked/boot-scootin’ revamp of her new gay anthem, these ladies were bringin’ it “country strong!”

She was from Nutbush, after all…

Tina Turner’s “Country My Way” album is completely major. When she barrels into the Loretta Lynn classic “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)” it’s pure awesomeness. As is the entire album.

Shania’s multi-genre 3-way

Back in 2004, country queen Shania Twain served up no fewer than three versions of her album Up!. One was pure country, one was pop-flavored and the third was full on international/Bollywood realness.

Dolly — on fire!

As if Dolly Parton wasn’t sparkly enough, she did release a disco hit way back in the day, “Baby, I’m Burnin’.” And she released it on pink vinyl. Ask any drag queen… It’s a classic.

And of course, there’s Olivia Newton-John’s transition from strummy country to Physical and Totally Hot. And Jewel’s attempts to become a dance pop queen while selling razors. And then, of course… Taylor Swift.

And I always think of this one as kind of country… Right?

Anyway… Thanks for getting in touch with your inner poon-twang, Gaga!!!! All the queens at Oil Can Harry’s are durn grateful, Hon!

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.