Yes Or No: Kylie Minogue’s Stripped-Down “Locomotion”

Here’s Kylie Minogue performing her new, “elegant” version of “The Locomotion” on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. She also performed the tune on Dancing With the Stars earlier this week.

First let me say, I dig The Abbey Road Sessions, Kylie’s collection of revamped standards. Not all the cuts work, but I’m total sucker for the sweet, slower “Hand On Your Heart.” It’s sensitive without being maudlin, and that’s the right tone for that album.

The new “Locomotion” is slightly harder to comprehend. If it’s harder to dance to, what is all the locomoting about? Now we’re just walking in a circle. There are some buff dudes in androgynous outfits walking with us, but it’s still a walk. This is a rendition more fit for the tune’s writer, Carole King, than Kylie.

Stil, I enjoyed this performance, even though Kylie’s capri pants look a little Coldwater Creek next to the salacious outfits of everyone else in the number. At 44, she is still the mightiest of pop Aphrodites, but I wish there was little more “pop” and less “experiment” in her “Locomotion” pop experiment. You’ve gotta swing your hips now! Come on, baby!