You Can Now Out Gay Marry Your Friends

maryland same-sex marriage

We’re on it.

Do you want to really place an emphasis on the “gay” part of “gay marriage?” Because if so, there is an opportunity for you in the next month.

New off-Broadway show “The Wonderful Wizard of Song” is offering couples the chance to get married in NYC… on stage… at a musical… with the song “Over the Rainbow” immediately following your blessed nuptials. Westboro Baptist is going to have a field day with this one.

The show is inviting engaged guests to buy a $350 wedding package to see their show at St. Luke’s Theater in NYC. On January 31, February 14, and March 13 they will perform non-denominational wedding ceremonies before the show’s finale. People who buy the package will get front row seating, a group wedding photo, a champagne toast, a certificate, and two official witnesses should you have zero friends.

We knew New York allowed gay marriages for a reason.