You Can’t Resist The Reykjavik Police Force’s Adorable Instagram Account

Sorry Hot Cop of the Castro, the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police in Iceland has supplanted you as the Internet’s cutest peacekeepers.

The force’s Instagram account has gone viral, jumping from some 24,000 followers to 46,000 just over the weekend.

And it’s not hard to understand why: The officers have hit all the right buttons—humor, pets, cute guys and girls (there’s even a few tongue-in-cheek doughnut photos).

Seriously, if we ever get pulled over, we hope it’s in Reykjavik.

h/t: HLN

“Brace yourself, winter is coming. #songoficeandsnow #ushanka”

“My face when I saw all the new followers. #viral.”

At Reykjavik Pride: “Everything going on in town. Congratulations!”

Baywatch realness

“Ride in good weather.”

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