Your Testicles Would Like To Have A Word With You In New Ad

The "Boys" need your special attention

When it comes to off-the-wall but on-point commercials, Aussie underwear brand Bonds is right at the top of the list.

For instance, their beloved “butt crack” ad.

And don’t forget, they’ve kept the hottest tennis player in history in his underwear for years.

Now they’ve come up with their best commercial yet: a two-part tribute to the testicles, those unsung, low-hung heroes of your reproductive system.

In Part One of “The Boys,” our fearless pair endure jock itch and an unfortunate impact that leaves them doubled over in pain.

Part Two involves shrinkage and a terrifying drop through a hole-filled pair of briefs.

In both spots, the family jewels are rescued by Bonds undies. Hopefully Part Three, will see them tackling the horrors of batwings and razor burn.

I think I should be commended for not using the words “ballsy” or “nutty” in this post

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