Your Week in Beefcake: Cody’s “Big Brother” Striptease

The TV landscape offered more shirtless, ripped guys and, as usual, Your Week in Beefcake is here to capture it.

Friday saw the debut of Syfy’s latest import The Almighty Johnsons, a New Zealand drama about a family who are the mortal vessels of the gods. Or something like that. Anyway, in order to claim their divine birthright each family member must start by getting naked. And if you’re wondering whether the male cast members live up to the title of the show, well Syfy left that a mystery with post-production digital blurring.

Emmet Skelton shirtless in "Almighty Johnsons"

This week Netflix debuted the second season of Hemlock Grove. I’m still a few episodes into the first season but I got a tip that the new episodes include Kyle Mac and Craig Henderson hogtied together naked.

Hemlock Grove

The second season finale of Devious Maids introduced Gilles Marini as a man who could help Carmen launch her music career.

Gilles Marini shirtless in "Devious Maids"

FX’s new creepy horror drama The Strain included a moment where CDC investigator Ephraim (Cory Stoll) changes into his protective suit, a situation I never expected to turn into a moment of beefcake.

Cory Stoll shirtless in "The Strain"

This week’s True Blood saw a rescue mission on the Fangstasia hostages. Sam (Sam Trammell) contributed to the effort with his shapeshifting. Of course, that meant naked Sam.

 Sam Trammell naked in "True Blood"

On The Witches of East End, Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso) did a ritual to prove that he has magic powers now. Watching him glow made me wonder if the show seems so dark now because Killian was the  main source of light in East End.

Daniel Do Ttomasso shirtles on "The Witches of East End"

Sunday’s Reckless had a little more of Falk Henshel shirtless. Considering the cliffhanger the episode ended with, that might be the last we see of his chest.

Falk Hentschel shirtless in "Reckless"

The episode also ended with Adam Rodriguez stepping out of the shower, only to discover that his girlfriend had discovered his role in the sex tape at the center of her sexual harassment case.

Adam Rodriguez shirtless in "Reckless"

This week’s American Ninja Warrior is a bit of a blur with all those #mightykady tweets. Daniel Manuel’s long, lean body make it through that blurry memory.

Daniel Manuel shirtless in 'American Ninja Warrior"

And it was satisfying to see Karst

Karsten Williams shirtless on "American Ninja Warrior"

Major Crimes investigated a murder that took them to one of Los Angeles’ finer McMansions. There, they questioned a pair of fratbros (Adam Hagenbuch and Russell Dennis Lewis) spending an afternoon sunning by the pool.

Russell Dennis Lewis shirtless on "Major Crimes"

Thad and Jay were unbearable enough that it was a relief when the Major Crimes team found reason to arrest them for suspicion of murder.

Adam Hagenbuch shirtless on "Major Crimes"

El Rey debuted Matador this week, a drama about a DEA agent recruited into the CIA for an undercover assignment as a soccer player. The first episode was a little short on those campy moments that make Robert Rodriguez (who directed the pilot) movies so much fun. At least we learned one of Tony’s teammates (Tanc Sade) is the kind of footballer who celebrates his win by tearing off his shirt.

Sam Trammell naked in "True Blood"

Last week was a busy week for shirtless guys and I forgot to include that Tyrant included a date at the beach for Sammy (Noah Silver) and Abdul (Mehdi Dehbi).


Too bad it ended in Abdul not returning Sammy’s phone calls in the next week. At least the episode had a brief bit of Adam Rayner shirtless.

Adam Rayner shirtless in "Tyrant"

This week, Young & Hungry got its Three’s Company on with a story where Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) didn’t know if it was his fiance or his cook who was pregnant. That was further complicated when Josh stepped out of the shower to hear his fiance talking with her father about a successfully impregnated race horse, which is totally a thing people regularly discuss on the telephone.

Jonathan Sadowski shirtless in "Young and Hungry"

The power of veto challenge on Big Brother this week had a casino theme with host Cody Califiore dressed up as a croupier in a tux. Afterward, he made use of the outfit to show that he’s got the moves to rival Channing Tatum.


There was at least one other good moment of Big Brother shirtlessness this week. Too bad about Hayden’s cap, which wouldn’t look flattering on anybody.

Cody Calafiore and Hayden Voss shirtless in "Big Brother"

Dominion appealed to our better angelsthis week by offering up Michael (Tom Wisdom) doing some shirtless sword fighting practice.

Tom Wisdom shirtless in "Dominion"

USA’s newest drama, Satisfaction follows a 1-percenter (Matt Passmore) who realizes he hates his job. That’s solved when he gets fired for going viral with a rant he makes on a grounded airplane and then goes home to catch his wife having sex with another man (Simon, played by Blair Redford) who turns out to be an escort.

 Blair Redford shirtless in "Satisfaction"

Thanks to a cell phone mixup, he goes from “Male escort, can you make good money doing that?” to “You can’t knock it until you try it” and decides to meet one of Simon’s first-time clients. He finds the pay for an all-nighter a pleasant surprise. (So, yes, Satisfaction is a less annoying Hung — admittedly, that’s faint praise. Plus it’s got the wit for Simon to use Blondie’s “Call Me” as his ringtone for clients.)

Matt Passmore shirtless in "SatisfactioN"

General Hospital took up the heavy lifting for soap opera shirtlessness this week, starting with a continuation of Brad confronting Felix (Marc Samuel) as he tries to shower.

Marc Samuel shitles in "General Hospital"

And by the end of the episode Levi (Zachary Garred) was hanging out in his underwear at Maxie’s apartment.

Zachary Garred shirtless in "General Hospital"

Wednesday’s show started with Morgan (Bryan Craig) doing more shirtless manual labor.

Bryan Craig shirtless on "General Hospital"

And for some reason Dante Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) was stuck in a t-shirt that was too tight, promoting him to change out of it. (I think that’s Dante? Sometimes I get characters confused since I spend many episodes wondering when Delia shows up again.)

Tyler Christopher shirtless on "General Hospital"

Hulu debuted Australian soap Neighbours this week. The episodes included Kyle (Chris Milligan) being annoyingly in love to his single gay roommate Chris.

Chris Milligan shirtless in "Neighbours"

As well as Paul (Tim Phillipps) giving himself a bottled water shower for reasons.

Tim Phillipps shirtless on "Neighbours"

That’s it for this week. Is there anything we missed or something you’d like us to know about? Drop us a line at!

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