Your Week in Beefcake: “The Leftovers” Leaves Little Covered

TV delivered another bumper crop of uncovered, ripped torsos, and now it’s time to collect them in Your Week in BeefcakeAmerican Ninja Warrior may have taken the week off, but HBO’s new drama The Leftovers certainly tried to fill the void.

Lifetime’s latest true crime movie Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs cast Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn as the former head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In case we had any hesitation over watching a movie about a man convicted of child sexual assault, the movie distracted us by opening with Goldwyn in just a pair of tight white boxers.


That was actually a scene of Jeffs’ compound getting raided, so the movie found a way to use a scene of Goldwyn in his underwear twice.

Tony Goldwyn un his underwear in "Outlaw Prophet"


In another scene, Goldwyn’s character makes his wives watch him have sex with another sister wife. Abd before things got too creepy, the movie used strategically placed pillows to leave the audience thinking of Goldwyn naked.

Tony Goldwyn nude in "Outlaw Prophet"

Sunday brought the debut of CBS’ summer drama Reckless which took only minutes to get series star Cam Gigandet shirtless as he helped with maintenance work on a boat.

Cam Gigadnet shirtless in "reckless"

Magic Mike vet Adam Rodriguez also got shirtless at in the series’ episode-ending twist. He turned out to be a participant in a group sex tape at the focus of a local scandal.

Adam Rodriguez shirtless in "Reckless"

Sunday also brought about the debut of HBO’s new drama The Leftovers, which seems to be about how 2% of the world’s population disappeared and every remaining guy suddenly got great abs. At least, I think that was the plot. Either that or it was a show about animals in pain.

Early in the episode we get series star Justin Theroux , as police chief Kevin Garvey, stepping out of the shower.

 Justin Theroux shirtless in "The Leftovers"

Kevin’s son Tom (Chris Zylka) is somehow involved with a charismatic man living on a secret compound, Wayne (Patterson Joseph). Wayne wakes Tom up in the middle of the night to tell him of his plans. (That doesn’t feel at all homoerotic.)

Chris Zylka shirtless in "The LEftovers:

However, before he talks to Tom, Wayne needs to check out his abs in the mirror.


After hitting a deer with his car (see what I mean about the animals in pain part?) Kevin wakes up from a blackout on the floor in his boxer briefs.

Justing Theroux in his underwear on "The Leftovers"

And before the episode was over Tom hit the compound pool for some naked underwater primal scream therapy.

Chris Zylka nakes in "The Leftovers"

Elsewhere on HBO, do I need to tell you what happened on True Blood last Sunday? Was your internet connection not working all week?

Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard kissing shirtless in "True Blood"

After a few weeks of dating Zoila, Devious Maids delivered some shirtless Javi (Ivan Hernandez) in a morning after scene.

Ivan Hernendez shirless in "Devious Maids"

With the entire cast introduced, Sunday’s Big Brother featured the debut of the new credits which features the cast trying to come up with cool iconic gestures, but just looking awkward. “Wave! Like a human!” Still, the opening does feature Devin’s buff torso.

Devin Shepard shirless in the Big Brother credits

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s Big Brother revealed that Frankie has tiny underwear that rival Tom Daley’s itsy bitsy swim trunks.

Frankie Grande in his underwear on "Big Brother"

Monday The Fosters did the party-out-of-control episode obligatory to family dramas. It included Jesus hooking up with… er, one of Mariana’s squad mates? I’m starting to lose track of this guy’s love life.


The second episode of Tyrant gave us more of Barry’s bearish brother Jamal (Ashraf Barhom). He’s still an unbearable person, though.


This week So You Think You Can Dance offered it’s first set of performances.  Casey Askew danced shirtless with Emily James for a number about a couple’s troubled relationship choreographed by Travis Wall.

 Casey Askew shirtles on "So YOu Think YOu Can Dance"

Performing a samba with Malene Ostergaard, Marcquet Hill once again delivered the heavage.

 Macquet Hill on "So You Think YOu Can Dance"

Ricky Ubeda also performed shirtless with Jessica Richens for a number that called for plenty of flexibility and feats of strength.

Ricky Ubeda shirtless on "So YOu Think YOu Can Dance"

The latest Dominion saw Alex (Christopher Egan)’s quest to accept his destiny as the chosen one take him to the home where he grew up. There, his magic tattoo gave him a vision of his dad (Langeley Kirkwood) being so anguished trying to figure out the secret of the Chosen One’ s tattoos, he ended up playing solitaire Russian roulette.

 Langeley Kirkwood shirtless on "Dominion"

In soaps, General Hospital started the week with Morgan (Bryan Craig) doing some shirtless home repair. It took a full day, protesting squatters and a police visit before he found his shirt.

Bryan Craig shirtless on "General Hospital"

Over on Hollyoaks (as airing on Hulu) Dodger Savage (Danny Mac) was doing some physical labor outdoors again on Wednesday’s show.

 Danny Mac shirtless on "Hollyoaks"

However, Hollyoaks made us feel guilty soon afterwards as seeing Dodger’s muscular frame set off  Jason Roscoe (Ashley Brown-Sykes)’s body image issues, prompting Jason to work out with workout drugs that were clearly making him sick, all in the hopes of looking more like Dodger.

Ashley Brown-Sykes shirtlesss in "Hollyoaks"

That’s it for this week. Is there anything we missed or something you’d like us to know about? Drop us a line at!

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