Your Week in Beefcake: “Teen Wolf” Finally Gets Deputy Parrish Out of that Uniform

One again, it’s time to look back to what kind of shirtless hunks TV delivered in the past several days with Your Week in Beefcake.

Saturday night TV doesn’t often make this column but thankfully there’s time traveling romance Outlander to fix that. Saturday’s episode got its hunky star Sam Heughan shirtless as Claire nursed the wounds left from brutal floggings by the British.

Sam Heughan shirtless in "Outlander"


Sunday’s TV was surprisingly light on the beefcake but The Witches of East End saw Fredrick facing another magical seizure after taking off his shirt.

Christian Cooke shirtless on "The Witches of East End"

Meanwhile, Eva introduced hot wax to sex with Killian (Daniel DiTomasso). However, there was a magical plot justification as Eva turned the wax into a sigil.

Daniel Ditomasso shirtless in "The Witches of East End"

Thankfully, The Strain showed off Miguel Gomez’s buff torso some more on Sunday.

Freddy Gomez shirtless on "The Strain"

Monday’s programming tried to make up for the lack of shirtlessness. Dallas returned for the continuation of its third season. Last season ended with Pamela ruining a threeway with John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Emma by collapsing from an overdose. When we returned to the action, John Ross got his pants on but not much more as he tried to get Pamela help.

Josh Henderson shirtless on "Dallas"

Mistresses gave Justin Hartley a chance to show off the rewards of all his hard work in the gym.

Justin Hartley shirtless in "Mistresses"

We’ve complained that Teen Wolf was taking its time to get Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley) out of his uniform. It turns out the supernatural drama was waiting for a special occasion … like the first time Deputy Parrish survived an attempt on his life.

Ryan Kelley naked in "Teen Wolf"

Monday saw a new season of America’s Next Top Model, the second season where the aspiring models included men and women. Things started with the guys wearing only boxers and some day-glow bodypaint.

America's Next Top Modey cycle 21

It turned out the first challenge involved walking down the runway under a blacklight and taking a selfie.

Denzel shirtless in "America's Next Top Model" cycle 21

This year’s men include Keith, whose confessionals keep comparing him to Tyson Beckford.

Keith shirtless in "America's Next Top Model" cycle 21

There’s also Adam who described himself as a professional partier and counted himself among the top 1% of partiers. Yeah, sadly, the pretty is mixed with a deep layer of unbearable.

 Adam shirtless in "America's Next Top Model" cycle 21

Josh had to give up his dreams of a sports career when he was diagnosed with liver disease, but he’s fit enough to model.

 Josh shirtless in "America's Next Top Model" cycle 21

Danny was eliminated in the first “Guys vs. Girls” season, this year he’s back.

Danny shirtless in "America's Next Top Model" cycle 21

Meanwhile, at this stage queer models are represented by Will and inked bisexual wiccan Romeo.

Will and Romeo shirtless in "America's Next Top Model" cycle 21

American Ninja Warrior kicked of its final round as the finalists faced Midoriyama. First to face the obstacles was Karsten Williams. He was also the first to fall to an obstacle that turned out to be much more difficult than it initially appeared.

Karsten WIlliams shirtless in "American NInja Warrior"

“Cowboy Ninja” Lance Pekus wore his cowboy hat for what would turn out to be the last time this season.

Lance Pekus shirtless in "American NInja Warrior"

“Adonis” Rob Moravsky didn’t attempt to run the course but that didn’t stop American Ninja Warrior from showing him hanging out on the sidelines shirtless.

Rob Moravsky shirtless in "American Ninja Warrior"

Meanwhile, we learned that Noah Kaufman’s course training includes shirtless arm wresting with Brian Arnold. I don’t understand but I’m not complaining.

Noah Kaufman and Brian Arnold shirtless in "American Ninja Warrior"

In soaps, Days of Our Lives delivered the shirtlessness this week. Things started Friday, with Will (Guy Wilson) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) celebrating Will’s first byline in bed.

Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith shirtless on "Days of Our LIves"

Freddie Smith really knows how to make the adoring look of a man in love.

Freddie Smith shirtless on "Days of Our Lives"

Will and Sonny were interrupted by what they thought was dinner delivery but turned out to be Kayla. I guess he wouldn’t put a shirt on for a delivery guy but he would have for a relative.

Guy WIlson shirtless on "Days of Our Lives"

Then Monday, was shirtless workout day in Salem. First Abigail ran into Ben (Rob Wilson) stretching in the park.

 Rob Wilson shirtless in "Days of Ouyr Lives"

Then we got treated to several scenes of E.J. (James Scott) chatting with Sami before stepping into the shower.

James Scott  shirtless in "Days of Ouyr Lives"

Friday’s Hollyoaks had a double feature of shirtless Roscoe brothers, as Lyndsey interrupted Freddie (Charlie Clapham) fooling around with Mercedes.

Charlie Clapham shirtless in "Hollyoaks"

Then Ziggy (Fabrizio Santino) tried to win back Leela by showing up at her doorstep in just his undies. He hoped she would recognize that they were the boxer briefs he wore on their first date, but he should get some livelier underwear. Who has some suggestions?

Fabrizio Santino in his underwear on "Hollyoaks"

Friday’s Hollyoaks teased at some Dodger (Danny Mac) shirtlessness but that was limited to the time he could whip on a fresh t-shirt.

Danny Mac shirtless on "hollyoaks"

That’s what we’ve got for this week. Do you have a tip for a show we should check out? You can e-mail us at and let us know!

Lyle Masaki is a fan of obscure superheroes, video games, adorkable guys and that show you loved that got cancelled way too soon.