Your Week in Beefcake: “True Blood,” “Big Brother” Return

It’s time again for our regular roundup of shirtless guys and defined abs– otherwise known as Your Week in Beefcake. This week saw the debut of several summer shows and several new sources for summer heat.

Sunday brought the return of a TV show well known as a showcase for some of the finest men on TV, True Blood. Naturally, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) showed some skin. Because Jason Stackhouse.


Meanwhile, Sookie got… Alcide (Joe Manganiello) in her bed.


BBC America’s debuted The Musketeers and it introduced Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) as a cad by showing him escaping from a second-story window to avoid discovery by a husband.

Santiago Cabrera shirtless on "The Musketeers"

There was also a fleeting moment of Luke Pasqualino (as D’Artagnan) shirtless.

Luke Pasqualino shirtless in "The Musketeers"

The series finale of Drop Dead Diva made sure to get Justin Deeley shirtless one more time.

Justin Deeley shirtless in the "Drop Dead Diva" series finale

Devious Maids hasn’t really been delivering the shirtless guys (someone should tell them about their audience), but bad boy Ethan (Colin Woodell) needed stitches after a robbery gone wrong, prompting him to turn to Remi for medical care that wouldn’t involve the police being notified.

Colin Woodell shirtless in "Devious Maids"

Sunday brought a special edition of America’s Got Talent which included two teams of shirtless male dancers. First, the Moth Men were the latest hunky dance troupe to get cut down to a montage.

Shirless dancers "The Moth Men" on "America's Got Talent"

Male revue Rock Hard got more than a montage but the camera seemed to be interested in everything but the hot guys on the stage.

Male Revue Rock Hard on "America's Got Talent"

American Ninja Warrior moved the qualifying round to Denver, where the weather was cold enough to discourage running the course shirtless. Thankfully, construction worker Josiah Roise tore off his tank top midway through the course.

Josiah Roise shirtless on "American Ninja Warrior"

And when Anthony Franciosi showed up in a one of those frustrating recaps, we took it. (Even if we’d rather see his full run.)

Anthony Franciosi shirless on "Amreican Ninja Warrior"

There was also “Cowboy Ninja” Lance Pekus.

"Cowboy Ninja" Lance Perkus shirtless in "American Ninja Warrior"

Switched at Birth had a rare bit of beefcake as Kathyrn posed for the cover of her steamy novel about oversexed baseball players.

Lea Thompson poses with shirtless baseball hunks from "Switched at Birth"

Tuesday, FX debuted its new drama Tyrant, which started by showing its lead Adam Rayner in bed.


Ryaner plays “BarryAl Fayeed a man who belongs to the royal family of a Middle Eastern country who hoped to leave his family baggage behind him by starting a new life in the United States. However, a wedding brings him back to his homeland. There, a bachelor party is a bunch of naked guys hanging out in a steam bath. Barry’s gay son, Sammy (Noah Silver) rather liked the idea.


And someone at the party liked the idea of Sammy being there.


However, fun had to be interrupted with a reminder of why the show is called Tyrant when Barry’s brother Jamal (Ashraf Barhom) stopped to go downstairs and threaten to cut off someone’s finger.

 Adam Rayner and Ashraf Bahhom shirless in "Tyrant"

For the second week in the row, Jennifer Falls had a hunky guest star who didn’t keep his clothes on. This time, Steve Howey played a charmer who was secretly dating both Jennifer and her friend Dina. They got revenge by suggesting a threeway, getting him naked and pushing him out into a store full of shoppers.

Steve Howey naked in "Jennifer Falls"

Summer guilty pleasure Big Brother debuted on Wednesday, introducing 8 of the 16 houseguests. One of which was Colin Calafiore.

Colin Califiore shirtless in "Big Brother"

YouTube star Frankie Grande’s introduction included one of his videos where he declared it to be “Topless Tuesday”.

Big Brother 16's Frankie Grande shirtless

By that measure, Devin Shepard seemed reserved, waiting until a half-hour had passed before losing his shirt.

Devin Shepherd shirtles on "Big Brother"

As Big Brother is wont to do, the first HoH challenge eventually involved squirting a thick, white liquid on the housegusts. If this weren’t such an established trope for Big Brother, people watching online would be double-checking to make sure they didn’t accidentally surf to a fetish website.

Frankie Grande winning Head of Household shirtless on "Big Brother"

Unfortunately, Thursday’s episode kept the beefcake to the diary room. Which meant it was often obscured. Still, lets ogle the guy who said appalling stuff on social media.

 Caleb Reynold shirtless on "Big Brother" 16

This week, the soaps took it easy on the hunky displays but Thursday’s General Hospital did include a shirtless confrontation between Nathan (Ryan Paevey) and Levi (Zachary Garred).

Ryan Paevey adn Zachary Garred shirtless from "General Hospital"

That’s it for this week. Is there anything we missed or something you’d like us to know about? Drop us a line at!

Lyle Masaki is a fan of obscure superheroes, video games, adorkable guys and that show you loved that got cancelled way too soon.