You’re Invited: Mike Ruiz’s Hunky NYC Book Party

Pretty. And masculine. Hey, that'd make for a great book!

World renowned photographer and A-List New York cast member Mike Ruiz is launching his new book “Pretty Masculine” tomorrow, October 12th, with a big party in NYC. And as you’d expect from studly glamazon photographer Ruiz, the book is just how the title presents itself, pretty damn masculine. This juicy coffee table tome is jame-packed with Ruiz’s “hyper-stylized and fantasy-driven style of photography” in an effort to reinterpret the male ideal from a new perspective. So basically, all the men in the book are ridiculously smokin’ HOT.

Being a distinguished celebrity photographer, TV personality, former model, actor, and director, Ruiz knows a thing or two about an ideal body and in this case, the ideal male body. The photographs are stunning and have you second guessing if the men are even real or not. They are, don’t worry.

Lance Bass: Photo courtesy of Mike Ruiz

And not only is the book pages upon pages of sexy man candy, but the proceeds of the book go to GMHC—the oldest non-profit HIV/AIDS advocacy and care service provider in the United States. Talk about making charity sexy huh?

The book launch party for “Pretty Masculine” will be held at the Red Bull Space (40 Thompson Street at Watt Street) on Wednesday, October 12 from 7pm to 10pm. Word has it it may already be at capacity… But if you’re either pretty enough, or masculine enough, or just magic somehow, I bet you can get in.

So try and stop by and pick up a copy of this sexy and charitable book. And say HI to Mike and some of the books sexy subjects.

Check out the YouTube invite for the invite below.

And be sure to check out Mike Ruiz’s photography here!