“You’re Killing Me” Is The Gay Horror Comedy You’ve Been Waiting For

You'll die laughing.

“>You’re Killing Me, the campy slasher flick that made the LGBT film festival rounds last year, is now available on DVD, On Demand and digital download.

When George (Jeffery Self), a narcissistic wannabe Internet star, starts dating Joe (Eastsiders’ Matthew McKelligon), a monotone serial killer, George’s friends suddenly start mysteriously disappearing, and Joe is the number one suspect.

George and his remaining friends decide to take matters into their own hands. Too bad they’re all so self-absorbed they barely notice that they’re the killer’s next victims.

Co-starring comedian Bryan Safi (Throwing Shade podcast) and Cocktails and Classics’ Drew Droege, the gory comedy is “a wickedly funny camp horror-romance,” according to the Toronto Star.

Check out a creepy clip below featuring McKelligon and Matthew Wilkas (Gayby) in a hookup gone horribly wrong.

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