YouTube Singer Bryan Hawn Tells Haters To “Kiss My Ass” In New Music Video

"Pucker up cause it's waiting for you."

Singer, parody-maker and fitness author Bryan Hawn has made a name for himself as the go-to source for scantily-clad lip-syncs ever since the video of his fantasstic rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” went viral two years ago.

In the years following this first parody, Hawn has shown off his best assets in dozens of videos for hits such as “Chandelier,” “Hello,” “I Just Had Sex,” and “Pretty Hurts.”

Though Hawn’s accrued a large fan base, he still deals with plenty of trolls who fill up the comments sections of his videos with vitriol and hate. While some YouTubers might shrink at the criticism, Hawn decided to step to the naysayers with a song inspired by his trademark ass.

The song, “Kiss My Ass,” dares haters to do just that. Amid shots of Hawn shaking his famous derrière, a catchy refrain pulses in the background: “Kiss my ass / Trying to tell me what I can & can’t do / Kiss my ass / Pucker up cause it’s waiting for you.”

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