YouTube Star Connor Franta Comes Out To Over 3.6 Million Fans: WATCH

Connor Franta

YouTube star Connor Franta came out to his more than 3.6 million followers Monday — and by extension, the rest of the world.

Known for his snappily edited confessional video blogs on everything from living alone to how big his penis is, Franta says, “You don’t know the biggest thing that’s happened to me this year…I’m gay.” He talks about trying to date girls to “be like everybody else” and hiding who he was. Earlier this year he came out to a friend of his, and the rest fell like dominoes and now he’s living a free and contented life as an out gay man.

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“I put a vast majority of my life on the Internet, and I want this to be one of those things,” he says. “I’m making this video for anyone who needs it.”

It’s good to see he’s comfortable enough to be himself.

Franta hadn’t always felt that way. In the video entitled “I’m not gay” from June 2011, he denies that he’s gay even though he saw —  and loved! — the movie Bridesmaids. (The rest of the video is a rambling diary journal about getting ready for his trip to Australia.) You can watch it here if you’d like:

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Anyway — congratulations Connor Franta! You’re one step closer to becoming Davey Wavey. (Kidding!)