Zac Efron Clowns Around, Liam Hemsworth Looks Like His Dog: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Rachel Maddow jokes about the Pope, Jamie Dornan blows Spider-man, Ansel Elgort gets shirtless in Bali

When you and your dog start to look alike

It's hot…

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If you go exotic, you don’t have to wear baggy shorts to your knees

BALI!!! ???

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Was Chris Pratt busy cleaning up dinosaur poop?

#jurassicworld DVD launch! @darthsimpkins @tysimkinsactor #brycedallashoward

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Sometimes Max puts on a shirt and does a project for good. You can check out his fundraiser at the link

So has Steve Grand made the move to L.A.? I missed that

Well, some people find cuteness threatening

Why do they both look like cardboard cutouts? Is that a new filter?

A rare Rachel selfie, complete with Dad joke

They look like they painted my bathroom, not like murderers

If Shadowhunters is a hit, I’m immediately buying stock in cosmetics companies

Nobody likes a tattletale. I’m going to have to spank you

Always seeking a loophole

Zac is clowning around

I think Zac is buffer for Neighbors 2 than he was for the original

And he wears those booty shorts well

Fifty Shades Darker is going to be pretty twisted

Can we all agree that this was the best part of The Muppets?

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