30 Reasons We Heart Birthday Boy Zac Efron

Hollywood's most bromantic hunk turns 30 today

We can’t believe Zac Efron turns 30 today. It seems like just yesterday we were swooning over a 19-year-old Zac in 2006’s High School Musical. But now we get to enjoy his hot body—and mature acting skills—in films like The Paperboy, NeighborsNeighbors 2, and The Greatest Showman.

There are so many reasons we heart Zac Efron, but here are 30.


1. He isn’t afraid to get naked in films


2. His butt has its own Twitter account


3. He likes to be shirtless in the wild


4. At award shows



5. And really anywhere a shirt is not absolutely required.



6. He gives laps dances at work.



7. The gun show.


8. He does charity work (shirtless)


9. He wiggles on tables.

10. He vacations with rich, older Italian dudes.

11. He looks cute in drag


12. He’s adventurous.

13. He looks good soaking wet.

14. He’s got an appetite.


15. He’s still open to full frontal


16. He loves the gays.

After High School Musical and Hairspray, I’ve always felt embraced by the gay community,” he told the Advocate in 2012. “I feel incredibly grateful and honored.”

17. He loves furry creatures—and we don’t just mean Bear Grylls and Seth Rogen.


18. He’ll dance in his wet underwear.


19. He doesn’t try to impress us with how smart he is.

zac efron high school musical


20. He’s got that bro swag down


21. Because he fangirls the women’s Olympic gymnastics team.

22. He’s not afraid to get in touch with himself


23. He cleans up nicely


24. Because he realized he loved Tracy Turnblad.

zac efron hairspray


25. He likes to goof off.


26. He knows how to work some heels.

In the Baywatch movie, Efron went undercover by donning drag. (Why does a lifeguard need to go undercover? We dunno.) “It was hard. I had to commit and be confident,” he told NewNowNext, adding that dragged up was actually “really fun.”

“The man can walk in heels,” offered co-star Kelly Rohrbach.


27. He wants to shoot a love scene with the Rock.


In the same movie, Efron kisses co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson underweater. In a Vogue “73 Questions” segment, the actor revealed the experience was “absolutely amazing—”He’s perfect, breathtaking.”

Asked later who he’d want to film a love scene with Efron, quickly replied, “The Rock—to finish what we started.”

We’d pay to see that.

28. He loves Celine Dion.

In the same Vogue video, Zac was asked what album people would be surprised he owns. “Celine Dion’s greatest hits,” he replied before adding, “and all her other albums.”

29. He’s pretty much sex on a stick


Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash


30. Because he hearts us right back