Zac Efron Wants To Film A Love Scene With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

"To finish what we started."

Zac Efron is the latest Hollywood actor to take part in Vogue’s 73 Questions video series where host Joe Sabia asks celebrities about their lives.

In the video Sabia caught Efron at his house and proceeded to ask him questions such as what kind of car he drives, what movies have made him cry and most importantly: What it was like kissing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in this year’s Baywatch movie?


“Absolutely amazing,” the High School Musical hunk answered with excitement. “He’s perfect, breathtaking.”

“It sounds like you enjoyed the experience,” Sabia remarked.

“It was amazing.”


Not only does Efron look back fondly on his time locking lips with Johnson, but when asked later in the video who he would “love to do a love scene with” Efron brought up his Baywatch co-star again.

“The Rock,” he answered. “To finish what we started.”

We would buy a ticket to see that.

Watch his full 73 Questions video below.

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