Zac Efron’s Webcam, Mindy Kaling’s Birthday Suit, SMG And Betty White Have A Kiki: Celebrity Instagram


Look at the stars, see how glorious and bright they burn? No, not the stars in the sky, the ones on Instagram! Celebrities! The Big Dipper is all well and good, but we’d rather spend our time looking at shirtless heartthrobs and divas. No shade, constellations.

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Here’s a glimpse back at some of the week’s best pictures and videos from the social media of our favorite celebs.

SLAY, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Betty White! SLAAAYYY!!!

Some people take their coffee with cream and sugar. Dan Savage takes his with Terry Miller. Lucky guy.

If there’s anyone at the NSA with access to Zac Efron’s webcam, please send a link.


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Rodiney Santiago, we don’t care if it’s “cheat day.” This is obscene.

It’s important to wear the outfit that makes you feel best on your birthday. Mindy Kaling nailed it.

Part of my birthday is we got to wear pajamas and we are watching It Follows at lunch.

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So did Jai Rodriguez.

Come meet #DixieMinelli tonight for my birthday drag bash at Here Lounge!!! See ya tonight

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Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is Tyler Posey holding a hamburger and surrounded by fries.

Finally got to eat harveys again. It was everything I remembered. What a great moment

A photo posted by Tyler Posey (@i_love_harveys) on

Ruby Rose’s dog is just doing what every woman in America is thinking.

This dog has no chill. None. Zero. Chill-less.

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Stars—They’re just like us! Here’s Ryan Phillippe’s bathroom mirror selfie. Is that a chandelier? (Y’know, stars may not be just like us after all.)

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You might be fierce, but are you Susan Sarandon in a giant hat, lunching at the ocean’s edge fierce? #Goals.

Lunch by the sea.

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