Zachary Quinto And Miles McMillan Make Us Seethe With Envy Over Their $3.2 Million New York Loft

SO many crystals.

“I live in a dump.”

Well, whether or not that’s actually true, that is what you will be thinking after taking a tour of Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan’s gorgeous New York apartment.

The couple—who have been dating since 2013opened their loft to Architectural Digest, in a new installment of the magazine’s Open Door digital series, and after watching the video we suddenly have a new life goal: Live like Quinto and McMillan.

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Their loft is beautiful, filled with original art, fabulous furniture, and crystals—lots of crystals.

“I forget how it started. I was just drawn to their beauty and energy as objects, but also as tools,” said McMillan.


“I love that it’s not just about having the collection in the house, it’s about what they mean and how they can benefit him and us,” added Quinto.

Can you count all of the crystals?

Get ready to be filled with jealousy when you watch the tour in the video below, but now that we think about it, their guest room looks pretty comfy. Our bags are packed, Quinto, when can we move in?

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