Zachary Quinto On A Trump Presidency: “I Am Scared”

"It’s absurd to me, but I have to have faith that we’ll endure and triumph."

Zachary Quinto is opening up about what it feels like to be a gay American in the wake of the tragic mass shooting at Pulse nightclub and the looming threat of a Trump presidency.

Phillip Faraone

“I am scared. I don’t take anything for granted,” the Star Trek Beyond actor admitted in an interview with Time this week.

“I have a lot of people in my life that think there’s no way Trump will win,” he continued. “I don’t believe that for a second. We have to fight with everything we have to continue the path that we’ve been able to gain such ground on in the last five to ten years.”

When pressed for further comment on the state of the world, Quinto reflected, “It’s just a bleak and dangerous moment in our geopolitical landscape right now. It’s unprecedented in our lifetime how precariously we’re all perched.”


He then drew a comparison between the political climate of the United States and the tenuous state of the world in Star Trek Beyond.

“Our adversary in this movie is a being who’s diametrically opposed to the Federation,” he described. “He wants to destroy a place that’s a hub for different species and races.”

“It’s weirdly parallel to what’s going on all over the world right now. There’s waves of nationalism and xenophobia and fear-based thinking and intolerance. It’s alarming.”

In spite of this, Quinto holds fast to the belief that the principles that apply to the Star Trek universe, that “unity will always overcome hatred,” are the same ones that will see the world out of this horrific political crisis.

“It’s absurd to me, but I have to have faith that we’ll endure and triumph.”

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters today.

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