Zachary Quinto To Star In New Science Drama Series, “Biopunk”

From science fiction to science fact!

Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto is set to star in and executive produce a new hourlong science drama series called Biopunk, based on the book Biopunk: DIY Scientists Hack the Software of Life.

According to TV Line, Quinto will play the “rebel-rousing leader of a group of guerilla scientists striving to become, in essence, the Steve Jobs of biotech.”

Deadline reports:

Biopunk chronicles the underground world of bio-hackers—DIY garage scientists seeking to do for biotech what Steve Jobs did for personal computing. These are young and hungry guerilla scientists committed to democratizing DNA the way the internet did for information, with the ambition to build never-before-seen organisms that could solve the thorniest challenges in food, health, energy, and environmental protection.

“I knew immediately this edgy, activist, kick-down-the-walls subculture of citizen scientists was my way in to telling a bigger canvas story about the next great technological evolution no one knows is coming but will change everything: hacking life,” Biopunk creator and writer Chase Palmer (co-writer of the upcoming film remake of Stephen King’s It) told Deadline.

“Having spent some time in my career exploring the landscape of science-fiction — it is a particularly exciting step to delve into a world of science-fact,” Quinto said in a statement.

He added: “The unfathomably thrilling real-life work of bio-hackers is dramatically crafted with compelling and complex dynamics by Chase Palmer, and Marcus Wohlsen is a limitless source of insight into and information about this powerful and fascinating subculture. Legendary has been a great partner in the developmental phase of this project, and we are all beyond excited to assemble a first rate creative team and bring Biopunk to life.”

Biopunk has yet to be pitched to networks, but in the meantime, you can catch Quinto in Star Trek Beyond, in theaters July 22nd.

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