6 Guest Stars We’d Like To See On ’30 Rock’ Finale

Julianne is returning! Yay!

The 30 Rock finale is coming up at the end of January, and guest stars Julianne Moore, Ice-T and Nancy Pelosi have already been announced. 30 Rock is no stranger to high profile celebrity cameos. They’ve had highly successful appearances from the likes of Paul Reubens, Oprah, Steve Martin and Al Gore, and a few duds (we’re looking at you, Jerry Seinfeld). Here’s who we hope pops up in the final episode of 30 Rock ever.

1. Jon Hamm

With all the brooding and depression going on in Mad Men, it’s easy to forget that Jon Hamm is a tremendously talented comic performer as well. Since his Emmy-nominated arc as one of the funniest of Liz’s ex-boyfriends, he’s turned up in both live episodes and as a hallucination, so we’re hoping he makes another appearance in the finale.

2. Rachel Dratch

One of the things we’ve missed the most about 30 Rock after its first season is that Rachel Dratch stopped popping up in unexpected, zany, SNL-esque bit parts. The series finale would be the perfect time for some more Dratch action (we call it Draction). Do we dare to hope for the return of the Blue Man?

3. Joe Biden

We already know Pelosi will be there, and Biden had a memorable cameo on fellow NBC comedy Parks and Rec earlier this year. Maybe it’ll be a chance for Biden to show his comic chops even further. Besides, we’d love to see him square off against Jack Donaghy.

4. Bryan Cranston

We know, we know, Bryan Cranston already guest starred this season as Kenneth’s mom’s friend, Ron. But he kicked ass in that role and, really, can you ever have enough Cranston? Breaking Bad doesn’t return until this summer, so we’ll take him however we can get him.

5. Meryl Streep

Let’s be honest: any list of actors we want to see in anything is going to include Meryl Streep. Who wouldn’t want to see Streep acting opposite super diva Jenna Maroney? 30 Rock has pulled big names before, so we’re praying for America’s favorite actress.

6. Brian Williams

Of all the celebs on this list, Williams is probably the safest bet. The Nightly News anchor has appeared numerous times on the show and seems game for anything. We’re hoping that the season finale ends with him waking up and realizing that 30 Rock was all a strange dream.

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