Alaska Launches Music Video For “Hieeee,” Announces New Album

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What is it with drag queens and poop jokes? Willam has launched a new album titled Shartistry in Motion, and now fellow Drag Race favorite Alaska Thunderfuck has announced her next album will be called Anus.

Great minds think alike?

Alaska explains that the album’s debut song and music video, “Hieeee,” is a prelude to the entire record—”a table of contents if you will.”

“The official video for ’Hieeee’ is a snapshot, capturing the ’Battle Of The Seasons’—the wildly successful, intense, often grueling tour I got to experience alongside my fellow drag sisters,” says the Season 5 finalist.

Alaska also released a fan-made video for the song.

Available for preorder now, Anus officially drops June 23, the same day as the music video for the album’s second single, “This Is My Hair.”

alaska anus

Check out the full Anus track list below

1. Hieeee
2. Anus
3. Pussy
4. Beard
5. This Is My Hair
6. Nails – Piano Introduction (feat. Jeremy Mark Mikush)
7. Nails
8. Gimme All Your Money (feat. Laganja Estranja)
9. Everything Tonight
10. Best Night Ever
11. The Shade of It All (feat. Courtney Act & Willam)
12. Legendary
13. Killer
14. Your Makeup Is Terrible

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