Alaska On Halloween, Horror Movies, And Life In The “Scared Famous” House

"Ghosts don’t scare me. If you want to be scared, go hang out in a drag queen's dressing room."

It’s Halloween time, and who better to talk about trick or treating than with someone who dresses up year-round: Drag Race All Stars Season 2 winner, Alaska.

The Queen of Snakes is returning to TV as one of 10 reality stars forced to stay at an eerie estate in VH1’s new horror-reality series Scared Famous.


What’s Alaska’s favorite horror movie? Has she ever had a paranormal experience? Find out in the spooky interview below.

What was your favorite halloween costume as a child?

I always liked being Dracula—because it’s basically drag. He wears white face paint and red lips with sunken-in black eyes. And he gets to wear a dress and a cape and jewelry.

Do you have a favorite Halloween memory?

I grew up in Pennsylvania, and I remember we had to make our costume selections very carefully because it was always so fucking cold. We had to make sure we were wearing a costume we could wear snow pants under. I don’t know why theres even a debate over climate change because now it’s like summer in October, but we literally had to wear snow pants.

I don’t think the kids have to wear snow pants anymore.

Do you like horror movies?

Of course, I love horror movies! My cousin and I would stay up late and watch all of the Halloween movies. I don’t even know how we even got ahold of thm. I think we stole them out of his parents’ movie collection.

Which Halloween is your favorite?

I don’t know, but anything Jamie Lee Curtis touches I am there for—even Activia.

Is there a horror movie you think is underrated or so terrible you love it?

I remember Leprechaun. It’s very funny and naughty and nasty. That’s a really fun one.

What was it like being in the Scared Famous house?

It was really hot. It was an hour outside of Savannah in June, so it was literally one million degrees. We didn’t have a moment of being cool. There were flies, wasps, mosquitos… My body became a road map of different bug bites.

How was it being in the house with Drita and Tiffany Pollard and everyone else?

There were so many personalities, sometimes I was like: “Wait? Did they all get a script and I didn’t?” Because people were playing out these dramatic melodramas and I didn’t even know any of this was even going on.

So, yeah, there are a lot of different types in the house, but we all come from different types of reality shows. Some were about throwing drinks, some of us just wanted to look really cool. Me, I was just like: “Wow, this is just fascinating to watch. This show is going to be amazing.”

Were you frightened of the spirits in the house?

I hang out with a bunch of drag queens—Ghosts don’t scare me! If you want to be scared, go hang out in a drag queen’s dressing room.

Who was the scariest housemate?

Me! [laughs]


Scared Famous premieres October 23 at 9/8c on VH1.

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