‘American Idol’: Top 5 Performances

The 78th (?) season of American Idol comes to a close tonight, and while the show seems to have lost quite a bit of its luster over the years, it is still one of the most popular shows in America and a launching pad for huge stars. With that in mind, here is our look at the five best Idol performances of all time.

LaKisha Jones — “This Ain’t A Love Song”
One of the strongest Idol singers ever, LaKisha got lost in the mix during her season but shocked everyone with her performance of this Bon Jovi classic. No one was more shocked however than Simon Cowell, who planted a kiss on Miss Jones following her performance.

Adam Lambert — “Mad World”
The song that made Mr. Lambert a star. And even though he finished his season as runner-up, he is still doing pretty well for himself.

Carrie Underwood — “Alone”
This would become Carrie’s signature song on the program and she did Heart proud, eventually winning her season.

Kelly Clarkson — “Stuff Like That Here”
The first and, in our opinion, still the best winner, Ms. Clarkson killed it with this throwback.

Melinda Doolittle — “My Funny Valentine”
How did this girl not win and where is she today? We need to find her.