Batman’s Penis Will Be Removed From All Future Printings of “Batman: Damned”

*runs to comic store*

This is why we can’t have nice things.

After the reveal of Batman’s batpole made headlines this week, DC Comics has decided to remove Bruce Wayne’s penis from all future printings of Batman: Damned #1, stating “that the nudity did not add to the story,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In case you missed the comic book controversy, DC Comics has launched a new imprint called Black Label, which according to Comic Book Resources, “will feature major superheroes from their pantheon in more adult situations, all taking place outside the main DC continuity.”

Batman is the focus of the inaugural issue of the new imprint in Batman: Damned, and the comics publisher holds nothing back as they show Bruce Wayne stripping out of his spandex and going fully naked in the Bat Cave.

Future printings of Batman: Damned might not show what Bruce is packin’ under his utility belt, but there are still 115,000 copies out there, so you might want to run to your nearest comic store before they are snatched up.

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