#TBT: Remember When Beyonce Sang, Like, Every Song At The 2005 Oscars?


Something seems off about the 87th Annual Academy Awards’ performance lineup. Yeah, it’s cool and all that Tegan & Sara, Lady Gaga, John Legend and Common will all perform this Sunday. But where’s Beyoncé?

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Awards shows are about honoring the past year’s achievements—and watching Beyoncé perform.The Grammys, the VMAs, etc… Have I been misinformed all these years?

Well we’ve got a #TBT look back at the 2005 Oscars, when Beyoncé performed basically every song nominated for Best Original Song. So, no, I am not.

First, Beyoncé sang “Vois Sur Ton Chemin” from Les Choristes.

In its original French, I might add.


That accent aigu ain’t just for show.

The Goode Queen Bey also performed “Learn To Be Lonely” from The Phantom Of The Opera.

She was accompanied by Phantom composer Andrew Lloyd Webber on the piano and 37lbs of diamonds on the ears and décolletage.


Those diamonds were functional: The physics supporting that impressive beehive required some necessary counterbalancing.

Speaking of necessary counterbalancing, here’s Beyoncé singing “Believe” from The Polar Express with Josh Groban.

It’s like he’s not even there!


Bey also performed at the 79 Annual Academy Awards in 2007 and the 81st in 2009. Why mess with a good thing?