Billy Gilman Sings Queen’s Timely “The Show Must Go On” On “The Voice”

Garth Brooks said "the future now belongs to him."

Billy Gilman is continuing to dominate the competition on The Voice, delivering a performance of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” on Monday that launched all four judges onto their feet.

The country singer said it’s been an uphill battle for him since his voice changed after puberty, and coming out of the closet a few years ago didn’t make things easier.

billy gilman

But Gilman has been giving show-stopping performances on NBC’s singing competition and Monday night’s Queen cover only solidified his frontrunner status.

Garth Brooks served as a mentor to the contestants this week and, after recognizing Billy from his days as a child singer, declared “the future now belongs to him.”

Blake Shelton agreed, telling Gilman that he was blown away by his voice when he was a boy, but added “you are a million times better as an adult.”



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