Britney Spears May Be Sampling RuPaul’s “Supermodel” On New Single “Werk Bitch”

Rolling in the dough.

Britney Spears has an upcoming album y’all, and her first single off that album is rumored to be called “Werk Bitch.” This is, of course, very exciting stuff, but things are getting even more exciting now with the news that “Werk Bitch” may be sampling one of the greatest songs of all time — RuPaul’s “Supermodel.”

The two queens come together at last.

This is not confirmed yet, and no one has even heard the song, but Brit Brit’s producer Jean Baptiste was asked to give some teaser lyrics to her upcoming song and wrote on his Facebook page; “’Work, turn to the left, work, now turn to the right, work, sachey chantey…’ (Rupaul voice).”

We are dead.

And Ru sure seems excited about it too:


Now let’s all pray this is really happening, because this might make for the greatest pop song of all time.

h/t: ONTD