10 Campy “House of Gucci” Moments We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss, Gucci.

Lady Gaga’s latest film role sees her slay in more ways than one.

The Chromatica songstress and Oscar-winning actress returns to the big screen this fall in House of Gucci, director Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated new film based on the true story of the Gucci family’s decline. Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani, an audacious young woman from a working-class family in Milan who marries into the glamorous world of the Italian fashion house after wedding Maurizio Gucci (played by Adam Driver).

Their happy marriage begins to crumble when Maurizio inherits his father’s shares of the company, makes some questionable business decisions, and eventually cheats on Patrizia. Distraught but unwilling to divorce the father of her child, Patrizia does what any scorned wife would do and… *checks notes* puts a hit out on her husband? Yes, this actually happened, and Patrizia and her accomplices were later convicted.

Although House of Gucci isn’t a queer film, it does star Gaga, a noted bicon, and features enough campy scenes, lines, and characters to fill even the biggest Gucci tote. The movie hits theaters this Wednesday, November 24, so we took the liberty of rounding up its campiest moments. Just be sure to buckle up your loafers. The role traumatized Mother Monster, for God’s sake!

  1. Gaga’s Milano accent

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    Mother Monster, an Italian-American herself, went full method and “lived as” Patrizia for a year and a half, and it shows in her unforgettable affect. Daniel Day-Lewis who?

  2. Pretty much every scene with Paolo Gucci

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    Played by Jared Leto, Paolo is Maurizio’s “idiot” cousin and the son of Aldo Gucci, one of the two living Gucci patriarchs. His histrionic outbursts and bizarre clothing choices give Patrizia’s flair for the dramatic a run for its money.

  3. Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss, Gucci

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    Patrizia wasn’t born a Gucci, but that doesn’t stop her from working alongside Maurizio to grow the Italian fashion empire. Her sly tactics include going behind Maurizio’s back, deceiving Paolo, and committing forgery. Fifth-wave feminism, is that you?

  4. “Father, son, and House of Gucci”

    Finally, a prayer we can all get behind. And Gaga improvised it?!

  5. Patrizia phoning up a TV psychic…

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    No judgment here. Who doesn’t need a little cosmic guidance from Salma Hayek Pina Auriemma?

  6. …and roping her into a progressively unhinged friendship

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    What began with a phone call transforms over the years into a genuine friendship, if morally dubious, friendship. Nothing says “besties for life” like helping your friend put a hit out on her husband over espresso. Speaking of which…

  7. The copious coffee consumption

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    Take a shot every time someone knocks back an espresso, except don’t do that because you’ll die halfway through the movie.

  8. Tom Ford’s gay glances at Domenico De Sole

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    This dramatized version of the American fashion designer (played by Reeve Carney) said a whole lot with his passing glances at Domenico De Sole (played by Jack Huston, pictured above left), the Gucci family’s righthand man…and eventual betrayer. The real-life De Sole, who went on to become the president and CEO of Gucci, has a wife and children, but Ford is an out-and-proud gay man.

  9. Patrizia confronting the competition

    While evading arrest in the Swiss alps, Patrizia corners Maurizio’s childhood friend and future mistress, Paola Franchi (Camilla Cottin), and cryptically warns her to stay away from her husband. It’s meant to foreshadow Patrizia’s questionable ethics, but her outrageous après-ski attire ups the camp-factor to astronomical heights.

  10. Patrizia’s murder-chic ’fit

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    Oddly enough, one of Patrizia’s standout looks in the film is the casual ’fit she wears while convening with her hitmen. (We couldn’t find a photo, but trust us, it’s giving gamine-chic with a hint of Ronnie from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9.)

House of Gucci is in theaters November 24.

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