10 Songs Christina Aguilera Should Add To Her “Liberation” Tour Setlist

Why she retired "Genie In A Bottle" after two tours is still a head scratcher.

Time to accelerate funds to your bank accounts, Christina fans, because it’s about time for the pop diva’s arrival. This fall Xtina will hit the road for her first concert tour since Bush was in office in support of her highly-anticipated album Liberation.

Last week the Grammy winner announced she’ll embark on a 22-date Liberation Tour kicking things off in Hollywood, Florida, on September 25.

THE LIBERATION TOUR Tickets on sale May 18 christinaaguilera.com

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The North American tour begins three months after Liberation is due to drop on June 15. Aguilera created buzz for the album earlier this month by releasing the song “Accelerate,” featuring 2 Chainz and Ty Dolla $ign produced by Kanye West And this week, she released the fiery feminist anthem “Fall In Line” featuring pop star Demi Lovato.

Though Xtina has released two albums since 2006’s Back to Basics—2010’s Bionic and 2012’s Lotus—she did not tour in support of either. A tour for Bionic was scheduled for the summer of 2010, but was eventually cancelled.

In anticipation of the show and to celebrate the “Dirrty” singer hitting the road after a decade hiatus, we’ve put together a list of songs we hope Aguilera will perform on tour this time around.

  1. I’m OK

    “I’m OK” is a gut-wrenching, beautiful, haunting deep cut from 2002’s Stripped about domestic violence she witnessed and experienced growing up. The Liberation Tour will see the entertainer playing smaller, intimate venues, so this song should fit the aesthetic.

  2. Bound To You

    Aguilera starred in Burlesque in 2010 so she hasn’t taken the material on the road. “Bound To You” is a beautiful love song from the cult-classic. Singer-songwriter Sia even earned an Emmy nod for penning it. Other than “Beautiful” and “The Voice Within,” Xtina hasn’t had many big ballads on her setlists. “Bound” would make for a welcome addition to show off Aguilera’s signature pipes.

  3. Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)

    Yes, the 37-year-old singer may want to leave her bubblegum pop days in the past, but since her fans haven’t seen her in concert in a hot minute, it may not be a bad idea to play up the nostalgia some. Even the acoustic version she used to do during the Stripped days would work—and it’d serve as a wink to her diehard fans who will remember it.

  4. Lift Me Up

    Christina shines when she’s singing ballads. She nailed “Lift Me Up” live at a benefit for Haiti in 2010, but hasn’t touched it since. The Linda Perry written track gives the diva plenty of space to exercise her range, or she could dial it down for the intimate show.

  5. Telepathy

    This Nile Rogers produced disco jam reached number one on the Billboard Dance Charts and was featured on Netflix’s The Get Down. It’s a fan favorite that will be a funky surprise and introduce the song to people who may have missed it.

  6. I Am

    Sia penned this warm, gorgeous, vulnerable song for Bionic and it’s a shame it never became one of Aguilera’s more well known songs. Aguilera sings beautifully while owning all of her insecurities over an orchestra and delicate piano. She’s never performed it live either. Until now?

  7. Reflection

    The Mouseketeer alum really abandoned her debut tracks after she started rocking those assed-out chaps, but “Reflection” from Disney’s Mulan not only showcases the songstress’ range, it’s female-empowerment lyrics fit in with today’s #MeToo and Time’s Up movement.

  8. Your Body

    It’s hard to believe Aguilera never once performed the lead single to 2012’s Lotus live. Honestly, we’re not sure how the Max Martin dance track would work live. We’re just curious to see what she’d do with it.

  9. Soar

    “Soar” is an uplifting, gospel-tinged anthem that fits Xtina’s empowerment motif. Can you imagine her bringing to life that amazing bridge that leads into that absolutely stellar vamp section with a full-on gospel choir, hand clapping, violins, and acoustic guitars? Chills!

  10. Genie In A Bottle

    “Genie” is a pop classic. It was one of the biggest-selling songs in 1999. It’s the reason we know the name Christina Aguilera. Her debut track brings together all generations of her fans—the ones who remember hearing it in the summer of ’99 and the ones who listen to the ’90s station with their parents. Why she retired it after two tours is a head scratcher.

Lamar Dawson is a pop culture junkie and pop diva addict living in Manhattan. Follow him on everything @dirrtykingofpop.