“Golden Girls” Lego Set, For Your Inner Gay Child

The Golden Girls are shrinking! No, not in the way that all old ladies start shrinking—genius Etsy user LegoLadies has crafted a custom set of Rose, Blanche, Sophia and Dorothy Legos!

With expert precision and attention to detail—including tussled old-lady hair, ornate sweater decorations, and even Sophia’s iconic purse—these fabulously frumpy figurines complete the gay Lego collection I know you’ve been working on. And they’re only $99!

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Check out the limited edition set over here. The product description is as quirky as the miniatures themselves:

Picture it, your house, present day. You go to the mail box and there you find a complete set of all four Golden Girls in Lego form!

These limited-edition sets will be available for only a short time. You’ll get Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nylund, Blanche Devereaux, and Sophia Petrillo. You’ll also get “Mr. Peepers” the cat that ultimately brought the girls together, Ep 20, season 4 (not pictured), as well as Dorothy’s coffee mug, Sophia’s purse and a Lego cheesecake!! (not pictured)

For more Lego Golden Girl goodness, check out this mockup of the girl’s kitchen.

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