Dolly Parton in “Mamma Mia 3”? Christine Baranski Is Here for It.

Dolly and the Dynamos!

Since Mamma Mia: Here We go Again featured Cher, there is only one logical choice for which diva should appear in the third Mamma Mia! film: Dolly Parton.

Actress Christine Baranski and the country-music legend herself recently sat down with NewNowNext to discuss their starring roles in Christmas on the Square, a new holiday-themed movie-musical from Netflix. In the film, Baranski plays Regina Fuller, the Scrooge character of the tale, while Parton portrays an angel, a role she has played before.

Asked why she likes playing heavenly creatures, Parton says she loves the color white and already has “all that white hair.”

“It just seems like the kind of thing to do,” she explains. “I’m always an angel with a wink. I’m not a real angel, but I try to play a fun angel, I really love the part I played. Working with Christine and all of these wonderful people… we’re just excited about the whole thing.”


After sharing the screen with one of America’s national treasures, Baranski says she became the “envy of everybody, not just my fellow actors, who say, ’You got to work with Dolly Parton! You got to hang out with Dolly Parton, you got to know her, what’s she like?'”

“There’s something very privileged if you get to live in her sphere for a while, much less do a movie with her, and sing her music. It’s a real privilege as a performer,” Baranski adds.

But what about bringing Parton on board for the next Mamma Mia! movie? The Good Fight star is totally down. She says she’ll gladly travel with Parton and the rest of her Mamma Mia! co-stars to the Greek Islands, where the films are set: “We’re all going there. That’s where we’re all headed.”

Dolly and the Dynamos—it practically writes itself!

Christmas on the Square hits Netflix on November 22. Check out our exclusive interview with Parton and Baranski in the video below.

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