Ed Sheeran Says Harry Styles Is Well-Endowed, Leaked His Own D*ck Pics


Ed Sheeran is spilling the T on his pal Harry Styles.

In a recent interview with New Zealand’s ZM Online, Sheeran was asked whether he wrote “Little Things” about the One Direction member’s… member.

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“He definitely hasn’t got a little thing, so, no, I did not write ’Little Things’ about little things,” Ed replied.

The ginger singer also revealed that it was indeed Harry in a nude photo that went viral back in 2012. In it, a young man stands in the bathroom taking a dic pic in the mirror. At the time Styles denied it was him.


“Did you know Harry leaked that picture himself? He leaked his own picture….I think it’s amazing. He was just like ‘no one knows.’”

Well, we do now.

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