Ellen Page Confronts Gay-Killing Brazilian Cop In New Travel Doc, “Gaycation”

Badass level upgraded.

Ellen Page reportedly comes face-to-face with a virulently anti-gay Brazilian police officer who’s admitted to killing gay people in Gaycation, a new gay travel series on Viceland.

Footage of the tense encounter, a kind of which Page has become accustomed, was screened at a Television Critics’ Association panel last week, The Wrap reports.

In the clip, Page reportedly asks her co-star/travel buddy Ian Daniel, “I want to say I’m gay [to the cop], do you think it’s safe?”

“Of course there’s a nervousness. There’a a nervousness driving there,” the budding LGBT advocate told a panel. “It was probably one of the more scary, nerve-wracking moments I’ve had …. I feel like when we’re in that mode, we probably feel, maybe in a naive way that it’ all going to be okay.”

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Daniel echoed her sentiment in similar comments to the panel. “A person who is standing in front of you is saying I’ve killed people like you, I’m going to do it again, and there are other people like me who are killing people like you … It’s scary in that it’s just hard to hear,” he said.

Gaycation will launch on Viceland, Vice’s new TV network, in February.

Footage from the series, which also followed Page to the Iowa State Fair where she confronted anti-gay GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz in August, can be seen in the network’s premiere promo below.

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