Gay Basketball Player Zero Says Those Three Little Words In The “Hit The Floor” Trailer

Zude finally return!

It’s been well over a year since the Season Two finale of VH1’s basketball soap Hit The Floor, and after frustrating delays, it will finally return for Season Three in January.

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The series follows the fictional team the Los Angeles Devils, and focuses on the cheerleading squad, The Devil Girls, and their drama, romances, and infighting. Oh, and blackmail and murder. This is a soap opera, after all.

It also introduced us to the enigmatic and incorrigible basketball stud Zero (Adam Senn), who felt he deserved to be the star player, and it was hard to argue.


Zero and sports agent Jude Kinkade (Brent Antonello) carried on a secret affair last season, and their passion and heat rivaled anything TV has ever given us with same-sex relationships.


But is it a relationship? In the Season Two finale, Jude, who is gay, had put it all on the line with Zero, who doesn’t label his sexuality. Jude wants more than a roll in the sheets, but Zero is decidedly unsure and cagey about how far he wants things to go.

In the Season Three trailer, this back-and-forth appears to continue, with Zero shockingly telling Jude “I love you,” and Jude responding with “love isn’t enough.”

Take a look.

Could Jude be giving an ultimatum? Will we see Zero come out? Both pressing questions, but “Zude” may have other problems, as Jonathan Bennet will join the cast as “Lucas, a sports agent who causes friction between Jude and Zero.”

There’s no word what kind of “friction” we’re talking about, but we can fantasize.


Hit The Floor returns Monday, January 18th at 10 PM ET on VH1

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