‘Girls’ Style Lessons: Sorry About Ray

In this week’s episode of Girls we found everyone but Hannah at a crossroads in relationships. Hannah was actually in a good place and ready to serve up a dinner party that was pretty great, if you judge it against scenes from episodes of Real Housewives. 

1. Always wear an apron over your hostess dress when throwing a dinner party.

Hannah serves up some housewife realness in this apron, but keeps her Brooklyn-edge with the spiked bracelet.

Sorry About Ray season 2 Girls Hannah Cooks

Nervousness while holding a knife always adds to the drama.

2. Get ready to crimp it, ladies!

Jessa makes crimping cool again.

Crimped hair with a simple summer dress made Jessa look like such a beautiful newlywed, sigh.

3. Leather headband are for hipsters and mustard entrepreneurs (same difference?)

It is really hard to take this girl seriously, but the detail on this leather headband is pretty fab.

Girl needs to realize her boyfriend is so not over Marnie.

4. Pigtails can be made somewhat sophisticated, if paired with a lace dress.

Shoshanna is a character that is constantly toeing the line of sophisticated and childish. The lace dress was beautiful, and she somehow classed up pigtails.

Bedford stop Girls HBO Ray Loves Shoshanna


5. Accessories that standout are important for that evening to naked look.

Jessa’s storyline was fulfilling and heartbreaking all at once, but her giant link necklace and statement ring totally diverted our attention. Also note, that she successfully pulls off hair sticks, and her leather bracelet compliments her hand tattoos well.

Jessa Nude Bathtub Girls Season 2

Divorce sucks, but those accessories are amazing.

6. Preppy style is back for men

We will miss Andrew Rannells since we don’t expect to see much of him now that Hannah kicked him to the curb, but what he has left us with is the preppy look for guys.

Andrew Rannells Girls Season 2

Gap Circa 1990 Realness


That’s all for this week’s style lessons. One more note on the episode though — Hannah is the luckiest New Yorker ever, she loses one roommate and gains another immediately. Who needs craigslist with this loving group of friends?


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