Glee’s Warbler Guys Talk Harry Potter, One Direction Parodies and New Projects

Curt Mega, Riker Lynch, Dominic Barnes, Titus Makin Jr.

Titus Makin Jr., Dominic Barnes, Riker Lynch, Curt Mega at LeakyCon.

After they appeared on Glee’s second season as the two-stepping boys behind heartthrob Blaine Anderson, the Warblers have become a blazer-wearing phenomenon of their own.  The guys who made up the group generating their own rabid fan bases: one former Warbler made the final round of this past season of The Voice, another starred on Broadway in the revival of Godspell.  We caught up with four of the Warbler guys — Titus Makin Jr., Dominic Barnes, Riker Lynch, Curt Mega — in the midst of LeakyCon, a Harry Potter centric convention that has opened its doors to a broader world of fandom recently, to see how they stay involved with their fans, what they’re doing now and how likely will we see a return of the Dalton boys on Glee this season.

How did you end up as a part of LeakyCon?

Dom: It all just fell together.  All of a sudden we got a call and we were like “yeah!”

Riker: Just being fans of Harry Potter and StarKid we were excited.

Titus: And there’s the huge Darren Criss connection.  That’s the given.

Were you aware of the StarKid phenomenon before Glee?

Curt: I went to TCU in Texas and everyone there was a ridiculous Potter fan.  I remember one day my friends were watching A Very Potter Musical. When I booked Glee my friends were like, “you;re working with Darren Criss! What!?” So I went and watched all the musicals. Plus when we were working Darren was in the process of writing Starship, so we got to see it come together. I knew (StarKid) was a big deal, but then we went to (Apocalyptour) and it really blew my mind.

Dom: There are no words, it blows your mind.

How do you connect with fans?

Dom: Curt is the king of all media outlets.  I’m not as great at it.  I have Tumblr, and I check it, but he makes it a job.

Curt: The cool thing about Tumblr is that their platform is for artists specifically.  As a writer, it’s really cool that it’s dedicated toward creativity and getting your work out there.  That an Vimeo, I see some of the most unrecognized art and creation.  It’s cool, especially as an actor who hasn’t made it yet, to get your stuff out there.

Riker: I like seeing all the different fan art that they make.  There’s so many cool things.

Curt: It’s cool cause on tour we can’t take pictures, but we could search Warblers and find pictures the audience took and save them.  As an artist, it’s really cool to get connected to the fanbase that’s really going to care about your work and see your work.

Riker: One of the best crossover moments between Warblers and Harry Potter is someone made fan art of us as Quidditch players.  It was really cool!

You guys created a One Direction parody tune for LeakyCon, how did you decide on that?

Dom: We were outside of Yogurtland in Burbank, and we were like “guys, what are we going to sing? we can’t do a Glee song or they’ll kill us!  Not literally, for rights and stuff.  Then out of thin air we were like, “What makes you magical.”

Curt: I thought it was funny.  One Direction owns Tumblr, and Glee and Harry Potter, so why not throw it all together.

The Warblers perform their “What Makes You Beautiful” parody at the Opening Ceremonies.

What do you know about the Warblers coming back to Glee?

Curt: Nothing! Literally we were supposed to be in one episode. The fact that we did 9, it really blows my mind what we’ve gotten to do. If we get to come back it would be awesome.  I hope we do, I love working on that show.

Dom: Working with these guys, nothing tops it.

It’s great they released the cut scene of the Warblers performing from the Michael Jackson episode.

Curt: Ryan Murphy is the coolest person on Twitter.

Dom: I was on a flight back from DC and I landed and I looked at my twitter and freaked out.

Had you ever seen that scene?

Dom: No! It was our first time.

Titus: I think it was cool they released it, it was a nice bonus.

The unreleased Warblers scene from Season 3 of Glee.

What are you working on now?

Curt: I’ve been doing a lot of auditions, a lot of Broadway auditions.  I’ve also been writing a musical with a friend, as well as my own web series.

Riker: I’m in a band called R5 with my family and we just got signed to Hollywood Records. We’re just recording and writing, getting ready to release an album in January.

Dom: Just auditioning.  Trying to get an audition, they’re few and far between.  I’m in the early stages of writing a sitcom with my best friend Lauren.

Curt: Dom and I are also starting a series of concerts in LA and maybe taking it on the road in a bit too.

Titus: I’ve been able to do a few films, there’s one that’s coming out in December called So This Is Christmas.  There’s also one on ABC Family called Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song.

The Warblers dancing to “Glad You Came” at the LeakyCon ball.

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