Happy Haunting: Halloween Gifs With Scream Queen Sharon Needles!

Halloween is every day for Sharon Needles but today, it actually is Halloween. What better way to celebrate than with a gif wall of our favorite spooky satanist?

From the second she walked into the workroom with her witch hat up until her creepy crowning at the end of the show, Sharon wowed us all on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4.  She keeps frightening us to this day with her outrageous looks, wild videos and gore-geous fashions.  With her album, PG-13, continuing to sell and her broom flying across the world, Sharon Needles isn’t crawling in to a coffin for a nap any time soon.

In fact, today she’s being crowned the official Scream Queen of Salem, Massachusetts in honor of her advocacy on behalf of LGBT youth. She’ll snatch the crown at the Hawthorne Hotel’s Scream Out Loud party, sponsored by Go Out Loud.

Sharon Needles may not be the reigning queen anymore (“Water off a bat’s back!” she’d say) but she’s our favorite gothic goddess.

gifs: Logo TV tumblr

And a bonus Alaska gif!

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