Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom Is Shirtless And Rubbing Up On Dudes In “Bluestone 42”

matthew lewis neville longbottom
Matthew-Lewis neville longbottom

Lewis as Longbottom

First Harry Potter gets his gay cherry popped on-screen and now Neville Longbottom is oiled up, shirtless and dirty dancing with other guys. Matthew Lewis, the actor who played pudgy Longbottom (love that name) in the Potter movies has grown up and out, and is now starring as very sexy Corporal Gordon House on the BBC dramedy Bluestone 42.

A kind of modern-day MASH, the show follows the lives of a bomb-disposal unit stationed in Afghanistan. We don’t know if Lewis’ character is supposed to be gay—he’s described as a “smart and affable butcher’s son from Leeds with a penchant for danger”—but he clearly has no problem grindin’ on that wood, as  gifs from the current episode reveal.

“He’s a Yorkshireman with a bit of a class chip on his shoulder but he’s a great bloke and a very good soldier,” Lewis says of his character.”He’s a lad and loves getting stuck in with the banter – especially giving Medhurst stick for being a posh public schoolboy.”

Yeah, we don’t know what that means either.

Gifs: My New Plaid Pants