“Hit The Floor” Recap: Facing The Past

Zero smash!

Previously on Hit The Floor, basketball player Zero agreed to let boyfriend Jude in on the secrets of his past.


Jude and Zero roll up to a condemned house somewhere in the bowels of Los Angeles. This is where Zero had to endure his horrific childhood with foster parents, and while he tries to maintain his cool and collected “Zero doesn’t care” attitude, it’s obvious he’s filled with tension and trepidation.


Jude tells him he knows he’s strong enough to handle it, and then realizes that Zero isn’t worried about himself, he’s worried that Jude won’t be able to take whatever is in store.

Jude angrily responds “You don’t think I’m strong enough to handle this!”, and defiantly steps out of the car and bounds up to the house. That’ll show him!

Inside the house, Jude asks what his foster parents were like, and Zero explains “Leo didn’t work, just bitched all day. Carla spent all the checks they got from the state on scratch tickets. A dozen kids is a lot of cherries.”

Zero had to sleep on the ratty old couch, but sometimes he would sleep at the basketball courts down the street and not return for days. No one noticed.


Because every hero (and anti-hero) needs an origin story, we finally get Zero’s, as he tells Jude the sad truth of his upbringing.

Jude: “You said Leo and Carla gave you the name Zero. What about Gideon?”

Zero: “My mom. That’s how I came up with all the bible stuff. Gideon bibles. I saw how much people jumped at religion, and figured I’d make it my character.”

Screen Shot 03-08-16 at 12.04 AM

Jude asks how old he was when his mother gave him up, and Zero says “Five. I still don’t know why she did it. One day she just dropped us off.” Wait, what? Us? Zero explains “My and my sister. I haven’t seen her in years, we got separated.”

After dropping that doozy, Jude can’t believe that Zero is taking everything so lightly, but Zero insists that he needs to maintain control of his feelings so they don’t control him.

Screen Shot 03-07-16 at 10.34 PM

Jude asks “Especially? Why?,” and Zero ominously responds “Because you might not like what you see!”

Jude goes into the next room and comes back with a sledgehammer and tells Zero “Show me.” Zero rolls his eyes and says what Jude is asking him to do is stupid, and will accomplish nothing, but Jude, who has learned exactly what pushes Zero’s buttons, shrewdly uses some reverse psychology.

Jude: “Maybe it wasn’t as bad as you remember anyway. Maybe this was a safe place for all those other kids. Maybe we should be thanking Leo and Carla. What was your sister’s name?”

Zero: “Laura”

Jude: “Maybe Laura hated leaving this place. Wherever she went.”

It works (that Jude is one smart cookie), and Zero completely trashes the place. Of course, he probably does the same thing to hotel rooms during away games, but this time he has a reason!

When he finishes getting his aggression and repressed feelings out, Jude embraces him, and we get one of the greatest Zude moments we’ve seen so far.

So that’s it for this week. It wasn’t a lot of Zude, but it did further Zero’s backstory, and it brought the guys closer together.

But why do I get the feeling we’ll hear about “Laura” again?

Hit The Floor airs Monday at 10 PM ET on VH1.

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