John Mulaney Serves Sass As A Drag Brunch Waitress On “SNL”

Order bottomless mimosas from Tawny Pockets.

Watch your back, Bianca Del Rio. Tawny Pockets may be coming for your gig.

In a memorable sketch on last night’s Saturday Night Live, host John Mulaney, former SNL writer and “Stefon” co-creator, plays a queen who sasses four diners (Pete Davidson, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, and Alex Moffat) at a drag brunch.

“The waiters are in drag and they say catty things to you,” Bryant’s bruncher tells the group. “It’s fun!”

“Yeah, and they have bottomless mimosas,” Davidson adds. “What could be better than that?”

SNL/Will Heath/NBC

“Yas, queen, that bag is as fake as my orgasms,” Tawny quips, calling out a fake “Charnel” purse. “Trust.” She also labels Davidson a “thirsty troll.”

But with one of the diners, Gary (Moffat), Tawny’s relentless reads get a little too real.

“When was the last time someone smiled ’cause you walked into a room?” Tawny asks him. “I can’t imagine anyone deriving joy from seeing such an overprivileged husk of a shallow human being. Okurr?”

“With you guys she was really superficial,” Gary says. “And then with me, like, she got dark. It was like there was no joy in her eyes.”


“I’m not sure how much more I can take, guys. I seriously might cry.” Oh, Gary. If a drag comic’s insults don’t almost bring you to tears, they aren’t doing it right.

It turns out that Tawny and Gary have a history, meaning Miss Pockets spent four hours getting into full drag just to be a spiteful bitch. “Contouring takes a while if you’re new to it,” she says.

In another sketch mocking Real Housewives taglines, Mulaney does double duty as Real Intros of Reality Hills Bravolebrities Brian and Tam, incestuous gay twins who own a skincare care line that’s huge in Iraq. In a digital short cut for time, he plays a Shape of Water-like fish man who inexplicably marries Adam Driver.

Watch all three queer clips below.

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