Kenya Moore’s ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous’: The Soundtrack To Your Nightmares

Bad news: The soundtrack to your nightmares has been upgraded. Now, instead of hearing nails dragging down a chalkboard, you’ll hear “Gone with the Wind Fabulous”, the latest single from a Real(ly Desperate) Housewife and former Miss USA Kenya Moore.

With a performance clearly co-opted from Drag Race, Moore let it go kiki-style during Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live on Bravo. Host Andy Cohen can barely choke back his laughter during his introduction of the first musical guest of the new year, and the whole ordeal is another reminder that we’re not drinking enough to watch this show without crying.

According to the lyrics of this trailblazing ditty, being “‘Gone with the Wind’ Fabulous” is the only comeback necessary when people refer to you as the following:

A. Fake
B. Old
C. Ghetto
D. Crazy
E. Broke
F. Single
G. Done
H. Ugly

Are you “‘Gone with the Wind’ Fabulous”? Symptoms may include:

A. Being a flirt
B. Not getting hurt
C. Watching other people twerk
D. Werk, werk, werk, werk
E. Twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl

Watch it all above.

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