Lady Bunny And Bianca Del Rio Challenge Willam In New KaiKai Video

Everyone wants to have a kaikai these days apparently.

Lady Bunny, Bianca Del Rio, and Sugga Pie Koko followed in Willam and Rhea Litre’s footsteps and filmed a “Let’s Have a KaiKai” music video, releasing it on the same day as their fellow drag queens.

Both groups of gals were inspired by the Scissor Sisters’ single “Let’s have a kiki” and each did their personal kaikai video in their own way. Lady Bunny’s version spelled things out a little bit more. If for some reason you weren’t sure what a kaikai was, they not only literally spell it out for you within the first few seconds but the lyrics of their song coupled with their physical acting out of a kaikai remove all doubt about the definition.

The video has more of an old-school theme than Willam’s but is funny in its own right. Lady Bunny wears a sparkly polka-dotted bell-sleeved dress and talks about getting plunged while adding sound effects to the song. Notable lyrics include: “A kaikai is a drag queen who never f**ks real men, puts on a dress and makeup and becomes a lesbian.” She also comes up with a few different ways to rhyme “untuck” with actions one partakes in a kaikai.

Oh, musically-gifted and ethically intelligent drag queens. What would we do without you?