Leslie Jordan Almost Returned To “Will & Grace” As Beverly Leslie’s Evil Twin

"Well, well, well..."

On the latest episode of Will & Grace, Leslie Jordan came back from the dead as Karen Walker’s arch nemesis, Beverly Leslie.

Jordan’s entrance was met with excitement from the studio audience—and viewers at home—not only because it meant more jabs between him and Karen, but also because it meant Beverly is actually alive.

In the original series finale, the fey munchkin was blown off the balcony of his apartment by a strong gust of wind, leaving Jack (Sean Hayes) with his fortune.

After his return to the sitcom this week, Jordan swung by the Will & Grace after-party and sat down to talk with host Kristen dos Santos about it feels to be brought back for the revival.

Chris Haston/NBC

“I’m sort of happy it was unndone,” Jordan said about Beverly’s death.

“I died, you can’t bring me back, I died!” he recalled telling series co-creator Max Mutchnick when they asked him to return.

“You’re going to come back as his evil twin,” Mutchnick jokingly told him. “Leslie Leslie.”

The Emmy-winning actor continued, saying instead of trying to explain how he survived being blown off the balcony, the writers decided to ignore his fate—like they did with the rest of the finale—and just bring him back like nothing ever happened.

“Why do we have to deal with all of that? Why don’t we just pick up where we left off,” he added.

Before the conversation was over, Jordan confirmed that he would be returning for more episodes this season.


Jordan won an Emmy for his role on Will & Grace, and was one of the first actors from the series to address the rumors of the sitcom’s revival when he told San Diego’s KPBS last December that the beloved series was “absolutely” coming back.

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