‘Liz & Dick’ Recap: 5 Most Amazingly Bad Moments

liz & dick lindsay lohan

Those eyes…

Liz & Dick premiered last night and it was indeed the natural disaster we all dreamed it would be. To be fair, there were also a few moments that were actually good. We were super excited to see Steve from Sex and the City and Creed from The Office in small, small roles and, ummm, sometimes, in profile and dark light,  Lindsay Lohan somewhat resembled Elizabeth Taylor. So that’s positive.

That being said, Grant Bowler, who was fine as Richard Burton, would have likely made a better Elizabeth Taylor than Lohan.

So you can imagine how hard it was to pick just five amazingly bad moments from this hot mess, but we were able to narrow it down.

Here we go.

  • That Interview: Was there an actual meeting where the writer and producers sat down and thought, ’What is the most unbelievable, least feasible and most awkward way to tie this film together?’ Because, if so, and that is how the idea for an interview between Taylor and Burton in their twilight years being cut in throughout the film came about, great work guys. Really, really great work.
  • That Music: We know Lifetime is known for having the same background music for almost all of their television movies, be they about single gals during the holidays or single gals on the run from murderous men, but the Liz & Dick soundtrack was so bad it could make your ears bleed. Buy it for someone you hate this holiday season.
  • Those Fonts: Weird complaint, we know, but the locaation font that  kept being used on the screen had to be the worst choice, right? It just looked terrible.
  • The Passage Of Time: Congratulations Elizabeth and Richard, you have both been nominated for Academy Awards! And, apparently, the ceremony is later that day so get dressed up to listen on the radio with the kids!
  • Whoever Did The Makeup

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