Mark Consuelos Almost Got Pegged On “Broad City”

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Looks like Kelly Ripa wasn’t the only member of her Shape Ups family to once appear on Broad City.

Internet Week New York kicked off this morning with a moderated discussion between Marie Clarie’s editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider and the creators and stars of Broad City, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

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During the chat, the ladies discussed the infamous episode, “Coat Check,” in which Kelly Ripa (playing herself) has her coat mistakenly given to a stranger while Abbi and Ilana work at get high at a coat check.

Abbi then hunts down the coat and brings it back to Ms. Ripa, who in turn decides to crack up a bottle of Moonshine, throw some gift baskets out the window and sprinkle hallucinogens on a joint she’s rolling (“Don’t worry, it will just give us trippier visuals”).


During the IWNY discussion, Jacobson decided to reveal the juiciest tidbit of them all telling the audience, “Little inside scoop: We didn’t know Kelly, but we knew Mark Consuelos [her husband] because Mark Consuelos was the original Jeremy—in the original pilot he was Jeremy.”

Jeremy, for those that don’t watch the show (or if you’re like me and just love revisiting this moment on loop) was Abbi’s neighbor who enjoyed getting pegged by his all-natural, custom “Shinjo.”


The relationship ultimately went sour when Abbi accidentally melted Jeremy’s beloved “Shinjo” in the washing machine resulting in a heated blow-out.

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Just imagine: Counselos could’ve been on the receiving end of this:


Watch the instantly-iconic scene below.

h/t: Vulture