Meet Stripling Warrior, The World’s First Gay, Mormon Comic Book Superhero


To the left, Captain America. So Super Duper Comics is getting ready to unveil your new favorite man in tights: Stripling Warrior, the world’s first gay, Mormon superhero.

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Successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $9K+,  Stripling Warrior will officially debut on July 11th at San Diego Comic Con.

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Created by Mormon convert and former missionary, Brian Andersen, Stripling Warrior tells the story of Sam Shepard, a happily out and newly married gay man who is visited by an Angel from Heaven on his wedding night, calling him to be the hand of God on Earth.

“Being a Mormon convert (at 19) and former Missionary for the Church I grew tired of all the anti-gay/anti-marriage equality messages I received from my religion,” says Andersen. “As an out, gay man married to a fellow Mormon I wanted to create a character and a story that showed that a homosexual person could be every bit as worthy, equal, blessed and good as a straight LDS member.”

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As to why LGBT visibility in comics is important, he had this to say:

The more images of queer characters and people the more we show the world that we are just like everyone else. And we’re just as deserving of respect and equality as anyone else. Comic books are known for being examples of brave, bold, strong, righteous superheroes who are examples of good and right.

An LGBT superhero in a comic is important because it shows that these heroes are just as heroic and righteous as the hetero heroes.

You can view an 8 pages preview of Stripling Warrior here.