Milk Joins The Star-Studded Cast Of New Marc Jacobs Campaign

"From season employee with the company to now a face of it... what a magically fabulous journey it's been."

Following in the footsteps Bette Midler, Sandra Bernhard and Lana Wachowski, our very own Milk is the latest face of Marc Jacobs’ SS16 campaign. And serve!

The pictorial, shot by David Sims, features Milk (AKA Dan Donigan) clad in head-to-toe MJ womenswear, adorned in a fleece sweater, jean skirt and shimmering gold and silver boots.

In the accompanying caption, Jacobs recounts first seeing a “tall, handsome” contestant enter the workroom during Season 6 of Drag Race.

“His unique, artistic drag sensibility reminded me so much of the amazing drag characters of my club days at The Pyramid, Copacabana and other New York haunts I used to frequent,” Jacobs writes describing Milk, who just so happens to be a former Marc Jacobs employee.


“I was crying for an hour when it was released. Lay off me, I’m emotional!” Milk tells us. “I am a f*cking face of Marc Jacobs SS16 ad campaign. Ahhhh! To be a part of a campaign featuring individuals who inspire him is unbelievably surreal. From seasonal employee with the company to now a face of it… what a magically fabulous journey it’s been.”

The accompanying caption features the original direct message that Milk sent to Jacobs after receiving a “like” from the iconic designer.

“Hey there!

I want to start out by saying thank you!

When I started working for the MJ stores 5 years ago, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I was lost. All I knew was that I wanted to flex my creative muscle and most importantly, be happy. Working for your namesake company helped me along the way. It was living the summer of 2011 at the store in Ptown that opened my eyes to so many different outlets of what the art of drag could be. It wasn’t necessarily about female impersonation. It was about representing oneself in the most fabulous way, whether it be a Cher impersonator or throwing a shit ton of glitter on your face and dancing the night away in a basement! ?

Where I am now in my life is absolutely surreal. Of course I have worked my ass off along the way which has only made it that much tighter and easier to show off haha ?As a 15 year old little boy, I would never have thought I would be here, travelling around the world, putting on makeup, and performing for fans. I am blessed to have had the past I had, a life that pushed me to reach and strive for something unknown yet better!

Long story short(ish)…Thank you for following me and contributing to my creative life. It really does mean a lot ?

Please feel free to shout whenever you would like to attend American Ballet Theatre. I know James, my boyfriend, would love to have you in the audience!!! Hope our paths cross soon!

Xox Milk aka Dan”

Congratulations, hunty!!!