NBC Cancels “Best Time Ever!” We Have Some Ideas For Neil Patrick Harris’ Next Show

We expect he'll move on quickly

Neil Patrick Harris is like a gay Energizer Bunny (is that redundant?), a multi-talented jack-of-all-trades who is equally adept on stage, screen, and TV, bringing his exuberance and talent to whatever project he takes on.

He enjoys a challenge.

His latest endeavor, the NBC variety show Best Time Ever!, was one of the most daunting of his career. A throwback to classic television, it was an ambitious attempt to update a long-dormant genre, and was an enjoyable (if at times rocky and awkward) semi-success.

That’s why it pains us to have to announce this.

BEST TIME EVER WITH NEIL PATRICK HARRIS -- Episode 108 -- Pictured: Neil Patrick Harris -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

NBC and Neil Patrick have released a joint statement announcing that the show would not return for another season, after the original eight episodes aired this fall.

“We are extremely proud of the work Neil and the producers did on ‘Best Time Ever,’ ” Paul Telegdy, NBC’s president of late-night and alternative programming, told Variety. “People rewarded us for taking the risk of trying something different. It was an incredibly complicated and sophisticated form of television to put on a live show on a weekly basis. We’re proud of Neil for giving it his all and we have steely resolve to work together on something new.”

Even though the show earned respectable ratings, it was expensive to produce, and the demands were exhausting for NPH.


I never thought I’d use the words “exhausting” and “NPH” in the same sentence.

This doesn’t mean Neil’s relationship with NBC is over, however. Plans are already underway for him to return with another series, although it’s unclear at this time whether it’ll be scripted or unscripted.

Luckily, we have a couple of ideas for Neil’s next show! We offer them to Neil and NBC, free of charge.

Hart To Hart

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

Back in September NBC announced they were working on rebooting the classic ’80s show Hart To Hart with a gay couple replacing Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers, and this would seem to be the obvious choice.

Neil and David Burtka are already the most high profile gay celebrity couple in the world, so it really is only logical. And think of the exploding heads that would occur over at One Million Moms. Gravy.

Medicine Men

Screen Shot 12-17-15 at 01.02 PM

Twenty years after the end of Doogie Howser M.D., Neil will triumphantly return to the role that made his famous in this dramedy update.

Dr. Douglas Howser opens his own office in West Hollywood, and immediately clashes with his corporate partners, who send hotshot chiropractor Matt Bomer to work alongside him to help fill the coffers.

While an assortment of colorful patients come and go from the clinic, Neil and Matt butt heads, but feel a definite spark between them. In classic TV fashion, will these two adversaries eventually learn to co-exist, and could there perhaps be more?

Add on kooky office receptionist Chris Colfer, who plays an aspiring actor always looking to test out his auditions on the waiting room patients, to the chagrin of his bosses.

There you have it. Must-See-TV!

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