Nyle DiMarco Wears Leather, Talks Beautiful Men On The Cover Of Attitude

"Growing up, I was never afraid to say that a guy was beautiful."

Nyle DiMarco dons a bomber vest and a pair of leather jeans in a rugged new photoshoot for the cover of Attitude’s October issue.

In an interview between the pages, the 27-year-old America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars champion also discussed his sexuality and how being deaf has shaped the way he expresses it.

“Growing up, I was never afraid to say that a guy was beautiful. Women can say other women are beautiful, so why should it be any different?” said DiMarco.

“So, I was never really afraid to say that. I’ve always been that way, whether it’s male or female. You know, if they’re beautiful, they’re beautiful.”

DiMarco casually came out as sexually fluid in a tweet to a fan in September 2015. He hasn’t publicly dated since then, but he’s keeping himself open to all options, so long as they meet a few special criteria.

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On his deafness being a factor that helped shape his attitude toward sexuality, DiMarco said:

“I’m fortunate, because our [deaf] community is so small, which means that there is more diversity. One of my best friends growing up is now a drag queen … In the deaf community everybody accepts everybody else because that’s who you are, you’re part of that community and that’s our safe space. We’re comfortable with our identity, it’s something I’ve never been embarrassed about.”

“We’re moving on in the world,” he added. “We are in a place now where you should be accepting of who everybody is, I think especially with the new generation. It’s a beautiful thing.”

You can check out Nyle’s full interview in the October issue of Attitude, now available for download.

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